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Wedding reception music is composed to the atmosphere you want to create. .. Each event during the reception – from the grand entrance of the couple, lighting the oil lamp, cake cutting, champagne fountain, first dance, father daughter dance etc – should have a special song to be played.

If it’s a traditional Sinhalese wedding with a poruwa ceromany,the traditional kandyan drummers and dancers will escort the couple to the poruwa and after that for lighting of the oil lamp.We commence our session at the time of lighting the oil lamp.If it is scheduled to cut the “Kiribath” and milk fountain we play some soft music or devotional instrumental music in between those activities.

If the couple is dressed in western style , we normally play the wedding march when they arrive. It is the tempo that assists the bridesmaids & groomsmen to walk down according to the beat & it makes easy to create the glamour for the onlookers. .For church weddings,When the couple is about to lighting the oil lamp, we play songs with a meaning, which is more religious like (Namo mariyani,Shudathmeni…). At the time of cutting the cake we play “congratulations” or a song selected by the couple prior to the function. And then we play gentle background music when the guests arrive and during the initial photography session .

When the couple is seated, we begin to sing, after playing some instrumental music. After the ceremony,you might want to keep your guests entertained while the wedding party is busy with the photographers. So the 1 St 2 hours would be played soft mix songs in Sinhala, English & Hindi.

During the cocktail hour and while meals are being served our music will take a sentimental type. When the couple is arriving the main hall dressed up for going away we make fanfare music to draw others attention to them. Then we invite the couple to the dancing floor & play a suitable English song which falls on the waltz beat, which will suit for a Ball-Room also. At the same time the guests will be invited to join the couple in dancing & gradually increase the tempo & continue up to nonstop baila songs. When the couple is leaving for their honeymoon, we play songs wishing them good luck for a golden future. However, the above arrangement could be changed according to the requirement of the couple.