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Why Xtreme ?

Music at a wedding can be something easily not given enough attention. But just as the flowers, dress, and location are crucial to setting the tone, music is a crucial way to convey your feelings, personalities,wedding theme, and to help your guests relax and enjoy.

Wedding music is all about creating and maintaining the right mood among your guests.Your music selections will undoubtedly set the ambiance, and whether it’s romantic, ceremonial, classic, or traditional, the right music will help to create the perfect atmosphere. Therefore, it is very important that you realize the value of a competent music band at a wedding.

Guests at a wedding consists of persons of different ages,genders,cultures and ethnicities.

We are capable of selecting the ideal songs to entertain your guests. We are competent in singing a wide range of songs in three languages.Covers from 60’s to the current hits and any type of music include Pop,Rock,Reggae ,Classics,Country, & Jazz .

We make desired sound balancing in order to avoid a cacophonic sounds which may tire the audience.The crowd will enjoy the music not only by listening to it but also by looking at the moving figures on the platform.Therefore, we give serious attention to that important aspect and insist in proper attire to ensure glamour and prestige of the occasion .

We are knowledgeable about appropriate reception music and could offer some ideas you hadn't thought of. Our mission is to entertain at an affordable price without causing stress among the guest.This is the reason we are one of the most sought after bands in the industry as well . We have been appreciated by many after different occasions. You can see them on our testimonial page. If you could recollect the songs that you heard and enjoyed at your wedding, that means you have selected the correct music group for your occasion.


  • Wedding Band

    Pioneer wedding band who have played at nearly three thousand venues since 1996 specializing in wedding receptions.

  • Party Band

    Our next one is parties. We have forformed in about thousand indoor and outdoor events in Sri Lanka. Not only for the Sri Lankans, foregn music lovers as well.

  • Sinhala Music

    Our Song list consisted with thousand of sinhala songs and you can select what you want us to perform at your party.

  • Western Music

    Our singers are talents enough to play western musics in their original rythm.

  • Sri Lanka and out side Sri Lanka

    We are Sri Lankan music band, We also willing to play in any country in the world.